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EST. 2003

The name,"All Things Music", came from my answer to that inevitable question asked by so many people upon a first meeting, "So....What do you do?" As a result, I work with an incredible group of clients, artists, studios, productions and venues from all around the world. I work with clients in-house, remote, online and virtual. Coined "The Hub", the studio has become the final destination and meeting place for the audio and needs of many clients and projects involving multiple artists and other studios. 

Studio Offerings include :

Audio Recording

Music Content Creation 
Commercial Music
Music for Film & Documentary
Orchestration & Arranging

With over 40 years of experience involved in music and everything related to it, you can't go wrong with choosing All Things Music Studio for your next musical endeavor.


Designed comfortably for my personal use as a solo artist and composer, this studio was initially used to create, record and mix my own personal recording projects. When you are good at what you do and have a passion for it, people find their way to you. Things grew. 

This modest studio features all the modern audio amenities needed to work with any project that comes through the door. Pro Tools, WaveLab Pro and Logic Pro audio software. Lynx Aurora (n) converters, BAE, API, True Systems and UA mics pre’s. Weiss, Pulsar Modular, Leapwing, Softube, Waves, Slate, Kush Audio, Plugin Alliance, Acustica Audio and a ridiculous selection of additional audio plug-ins. Keyboards, Guitars, Basses, sound modules, drum machines, electric and acoustic instruments along with a closet full of top shelf microphones. 

Anything from a full band to small ensemble recording, music editing, overdub, mix-down and mastering or a customized music score for film or documentary, I can help assist you with the arrangement and production of your entire musical project.

Whether you're a current "Top 10" on Billboard's latest countdown, an artist in need of a new mix for your pre-recorded works, or you require a customized music composition for you next film project, commercial, or event, your music can find a home here.



Sound Beginnings

I have been making music sound great since the age of 6. Starting with one track creations on an old Realistic tape deck, to sitting mesmerized for hours playing music and adjusting frequencies through a stereo component 33 band graphic EQ. I realized that you could change, manipulate and improve sound. Jump ahead a few years, Tascam Porta One in hand, my journey into sound recording and production began. Now equipped with todays top notch DAW's, software and hardware, the possibilities are endless.


The process of creating a mix is much like the final tasting of a sauce simmering before it makes its way to the table for a great meal. It is ready when it is ready. Every sound, instrument and musical nuance deserves its place. Whether working with a solo chamber instrument, vocalist and accompaniment, a jazz trio or 128 tracks of scorched earth Metal, my meticulous process and attention to detail spares nothing.


Finding Balance. Whether retaining the tone, vibe and sound of the original source or continuing the sonic creation process, the final master should sound good from exactly where you are listening. Finalize your music to industry standards for every listening venue and media platform. Soundcrafting at its finest.




A big picture view and an ability to organize and assemble the mess. I have a hands on approach with all of my clients and their music. For all intents and purpose, I am the problem solver. The music, parts, personnel and process. There is always a level of chaos in the process of creating music. The goal here is always to keep the goal the goal. 


Recording is seldom a one and done process. Today many projects involve multiple sessions with multiple people in multiple places. A majority of the projects I work with have musicians in-house as well as located all over of the world. Many of them recording at their respective studios and contributing their parts. Add a decent internet connection and the ease of making a quality home recording and and there are a myriad of audio sources arriving in many formats. I receive and work with content from everywhere. Putting it all together is what I do. 


I have always been hands on with clients that I work with in the creative process. Writing, arrangement, orchestration, additional ornamentations and textures, an insane guitar solo. An added set of ears and artistic input can help bring your music and vision to fruition. If your music needs an extra push to get it to reach full potential, allow someone else into the musical story. 

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Guitar & Amp Setup and Maintenance 

Full Setups
Repairs and Modifications
Tube Amp Servicing

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