The Studio

Designed comfortably for my personal use as a solo artist and composer, this studio was initially used to create, record and mix my own personal recording projects. This modest studio features modern audio amenities such as Pro Tools audio software, Waves and additional audio plug-ins, BAE, API, and UA mics pre's, keyboards, sound modules, drum machines, electric and acoustic instruments along with AKG, Sennheiser and Shure microphones. Anything from a small ensemble recording, music editing, mix-down and mastering or a personalized music score, I can help assist you with the arrangement and production of your entire musical project.

Whether you're a current "Top 10" on Billboard's latest countdown, an artist in need of a new mix for your pre-recorded works, or you require a customized music composition for you next film project, commercial, or event, your music can find a home here.

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